Groupon is excited to be back as a sponsor of the Bite of Seattle® for the 5th year in a row. We’ve noticed so many fun food trends since our first Bite. Who knew five years ago deep-fried watermelon would become a thing?

Our motto for the past few Bites has been You Can’t Spell Seattle Without Eat and 2017 is no exception. All year long, we’ve been looking forward to satisfying our taste buds with elk burgers, chicken waffle sliders, empanadas, pad thai, fried mac ‘n’ cheese, craft brews, things dipped in chocolate, and tons more local taste treats that make Bite of Seattle® the ultimate food festival.

At Groupon, we’re all about owning amazing experiences and the Bite is sure to be one of 2017’s top destinations. After you’re done enjoying that last helping of strawberry shortcake, fire up the top-rated Groupon app and discover ways to save up to $100 a week on what you do every day—from weekday pampering at a day spa to date-night dinners to Saturday family fun and everything in between.

Enjoy the Bite!