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If not applicable, enter "000". The vendor application price includes the Tradeshow License fee for Seattle. If you include a Seattle Business License number in your application our office manager will verify it with the city of Seattle and you will receive a $15 refund in May.
Menu Information
Restaurant and Food Trucks ONLY- Maximum menu item: $12 50% OF MENU MUST BE $10 AND UNDER REQUIRED "Just a Bite" ITEM $3.75 SFVs- Maximum menu item: $8 Please list your proposed menu and include prices for all items. There is the potential that you will be asked to remove or modify items from your menu if they are not approved by the jury committee. All RESTAURANT and FOOD TRUCK vendors are also required to serve a “Just A Bite” item for $3.75. It must be a legitimate food item/entrée that is a smaller portion of a regular menu item.
If you are selling soda, it must be our sponsor brand and purchased from our sponsor contract. If you are selling water, it must be (Sponsor to be confirmed) and ordered through our vendor. Any branded beverage sold at retail outlets must be pre-approved.
If you are serving a dessert item and wish to have it listed in this category, please provide a description.
$3.75 or less
Menu items containing nuts?
If any of your menu items contain nuts you are required to display signage that clearly states that.
Multiple Booths?
If you would like to purchase multiple booths, you'll need to adjust the "Quantity" on the original product description page that came before this form. NOW, fill out the next box if you are purchasing more than one booth. If you have any questions, contact the Vendor/Operations Manager at:
Operational Information
Check all that apply:
Due to increased fuel sur-charges and truck rental fees, we must charge $30.00 for a 5x5x8 space in our common storage refrigerated units. If you will be using refrigerated common cold storage you will have to add it to your cart from the product page.
If accepted YOU are responsible for contacting the electrician for any electrical needs and for the cost of those needs. This electrical information is for operational purposes ONLY.
If you have any additional comments please leave them below.
Contractual Information
This Contract is made by and between Bite of Seattle® and the applicant, herein referred to as Vendor. The term of this Contract is from the signing (checking box above) by both parties of the Contract through December 31, 2018. In consideration of the mutual benefits to both parties, both parties agree to the following:
I, an authorized company agent, agree to the following terms and conditions.
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If accepted for participation in the 2018 Bite of Seattle®, you will be notified by the first week of April. This form is just an application and payment will still need to be sent in after submitting this application. If you are applying as a restaurant vendor, the second half of your booth fee will be due no later than the second week of April.