10 Fun Facts to Celebrate '10 Years with Chef Thierry'!

Photo Courtesy: Michael Soike

Photo Courtesy: Michael Soike

Whether you're a big fan of The Bite Cooks! or Top Master Chefs, you've probably seen a chef sporting a familiar fedora. That's the "Chef in the Hat" Thierry Rautureau to be exact.

This year we are excited to celebrate 10 years of having Chef Thierry as the host of The Bite Cooks! Chef Demo and Cook-Off Stage at the Groupon Bite of Seattle®.

To get to know the "Chef in the Hat" a little better, we asked him to share 10 fun facts:

  1. Chef Thierry can be found at the Mohai Museum.  He is featured in the exhibit, Edible City.
  2. The Chef in the Hat wears mostly red pants.
  3. Chef loves to garden.
  4. Chef loves to listen to J-Lo while prepping for an event.
  5. Chef has cooked for Julia Child, Peter Gabriel, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Hilary Clinton, Sissy Spacek, Ewan McGregor, Jackson Brown, Eric Ripert, and Jacques Pepin.
  6. Favorite kind of knife to use... is a sharp one.
  7. Most eaten dish in the last year is, Oxtail Pho from Ba Bar.
  8. Chef's favorite shoes to wear are all black Vans.
  9. Favorite island to visit is Hawaii.
  10. Favorite place to exercise is Rebel's Fitness in Renton, WA.

Happy Eating!