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Temporary Trade Show Fee *
All vendors must have a Seattle Business License. If you have a current Seattle Business License, enter it into the second field below. If you do not provide a valid Seattle Business License below, you will be charged for one automatically ($15 - $5 per day).
Put "000" if not applicable.
Menu Information
Please list your proposed menu and include prices for all items. Please note that the cost per menu item is capped at $10 per item. There is the potential that you will be asked to remove or modify items from your menu if they are not approved by the jury committee. All RESTAURANT vendors are also required to serve a “Just A Bite” item for $3.75. It must be a legitimate food item/entrée that is a smaller portion of a regular menu item.
$10 max (restaurants)
$10 max (restaurants)
$10 max (restaurants)
$10 max (restaurants)
$10 max (restaurants)
($3.75 or less, not required for OGV's)
If you are selling soda, it must be our sponsor brand and purchased from our sponsor contract. If you are selling water, it must be Crystal Springs and ordered through our vendor. Any branded beverage sold at retail outlets must be pre-approved.
If you are serving a dessert item and wish to have it listed in this category, please provide a description.
Booth Information
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Operational Information
Note: Restaurants - Up to 3 electrical circuits are provided; (3) 20 amp 110v (only 1 of those 3 can be 30 amp 208v). If you require more than the provided hook-ups you must contact the electrician directly for additional needs and will be responsible for any additional costs.

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