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Warthog BBQ
Warthog BBQ

Featured Item Bacon Cheeseburger
Just a Bite Item Seasoned Fries
Right Bite Item Garden Burger
Featured Item Deep-Fried Lasagna
Just a Bite Item Pita Roll Up
Right Bite Item Greek Salad
Featured Item Red Curry Chicken
Just a Bite Item Deep-Fried Rolls
Right Bite Item Fresh Rolls
Featured Item Vegetarian Soba Noodles with Fresh Garden Vegetables
Just a Bite Item Vegetarian Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce
Right Bite Item Vegetarian Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce
Featured Item Strawberry / Raspberry Shortcake
Just a Bite Item Delicious Chocolate Brownie
Right Bite Item Bowl of Berries
Featured Item Fried Oyster and Lamb Sliders
Just a Bite Item Fried Oyster Sampler with Chipotle Mayo Sauce
Right Bite Item Chipotle Cabbage Salad
Featured Item California-Style Burger (beef, chicken or garden)
Just a Bite Item Hot Dog
Right Bite Item Veggie Burger
Featured Item Thai Chicken Pizza
Just a Bite Item Tuscan White Bean Hummus Served with Pita Bread
Right Bite Item Asparagus and Arugula Salad
Featured Item Pancit Noodles
Just a Bite Item Pancit/Lumpia
Right Bite Item BBQ Skewer
Featured Item Cheese Steak Sandwich
Just a Bite Item Sweet Potato Tater Tots
Right Bite Item 3-Bean Chipotle Veggie Patty
Featured Item Peking Duck Taco
Just a Bite Item Spicy Kimchi Chicken Sandwich
Right Bite Item Chicken Karaage Sandwich
Featured Item Chicken Tikka Masala Platter with Rice and Naan
Just a Bite Item Chicken Kabab
Right Bite Item Chicken Tandoori Salad
Featured Item Chicken and Artichoke Crepe
Just a Bite Item Cinnamon Sugar Crepe
Right Bite Item Garden Veggie Crepe
Featured Item Classic Lamb Gyros
Just a Bite Item Tzatziki Salad
Right Bite Item Vegetarian Gyros
Featured Item Honey Prawn Combo
Just a Bite Item Vegetable Egg Rolls
Right Bite Item Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
Featured Item Halibut Fish & Chips
Just a Bite Item Fried Mac & Cheese
Right Bite Item Whole Wheat Fish Taco
Featured Item Pork BBQ with Pancit, Rice and Egg Rolls
Just a Bite Item Pork or Chicken BBQ Stick
Right Bite Item 4 Egg Rolls
Featured Item Strips and Fries
Just a Bite Item 3 Strips
Right Bite Item White Meat Strips
Featured Item Three BBQ Ribs and a side
Just a Bite Item BBQ Pork Sandwich
Right Bite Item Coleslaw
Featured Item Corned Beef
Just a Bite Item Small Greek Salad, Dressing on the Side
Right Bite Item Turkey Sandwich on Whole Wheat with Lettuce, Dressing on the Side.
Featured Item Lamb, Beef or Chicken Gyros
Just a Bite Item Falafel on a Stick
Right Bite Item Vegetarian Gyro
Featured Item Popcorn Chicken with Rice
Just a Bite Item Fried Chicken Wing
Right Bite Item Braised meat sauce over rice
Featured Item Hawaiian Fried Noodles and Rice with Chicken and Vegetables
Just a Bite Item Fried Noodles
Right Bite Item Teriyaki Chicken on a Stick
Featured Item Pan De Sal sandwiches with choice of meat
Just a Bite Item Mini Pan De Sal Sliders
Right Bite Item Romaine Taco with Braised Chicken or Tilapia and Vinaigrette
Featured Item Red Cossack- Potatoes, Sausage with Lemon Parsely Dill Sauce
Just a Bite Item Half-Sized Piroshky- Potatoes and Cheese
Right Bite Item Green Cossack- Potatoes with Lemon Parsely Dill Sauce
Featured Item BBQ Sandwich
Just a Bite Item Chili
Right Bite Item All Natural Smoked Jerk Chicken
Featured Item Lamb, Chicken, Falafel
Just a Bite Item Lamb/Chicken Bite
Right Bite Item Lamb, Chicken or Falafel with Tahini Sauce
Featured Item Classic Grilled Cheese- 3 Cheeses on Brioche
Just a Bite Item Whoopie Pies
Right Bite Item Classic or Creamy Tomato Soup
Featured Item Hot Fudge Brownie
Just a Bite Item Banana Split
Right Bite Item Sugar-Free Ice Cream w/ Fresh Berries
Featured Item Slider (Pork, Brisket, or Lamb)
Just a Bite Item Pork Slider with a Sample of Potato Salad
Right Bite Item Quinoa Salad
Featured Item Alligator on a Stick
Just a Bite Item Red Beans with Smoked Sausage and Ham
Right Bite Item Shrimp Etouffee
Featured Item Philly Sandwich (Steak, Chicken or Polish Sausage)
Just a Bite Item Crab and Shrimp Chowder
Right Bite Item Crab-and-Shrimp Chowder 12 oz. Cup
Featured Item Beef Dumplings
Just a Bite Item Beef or Potato Dumplings- Half Order
Right Bite Item Potato Dumplings
Featured Item Pineapple Shrimp Papaya Salad
Just a Bite Item Pork or Chicken Skewers
Right Bite Item Fresh Spring Rolls
Featured Item Coconut Prawn Combination
Just a Bite Item Chicken Wing
Right Bite Item Pud Thai Vegetable
Featured Item Duo of Sliders- Beef, Chicken or Steelhead
Just a Bite Item Mini Corndogs with Spicy Ketchup
Right Bite Item Washington Salad Cone
Featured Item Old Fashion Frankfurter
Just a Bite Item All Beef Hot Dog
Right Bite Item Veggie Dog
Featured Item Elk Burger Supreme
Just a Bite Item Two Bites of Award Winning Hickory Smokey Dog on a Stick
Right Bite Item Elk Salad Supreme
Featured Item BBQ Pulled Pork or Chicken Sandwich with Spicy Link
Just a Bite Item Pulled Pork Slider
Right Bite Item Fresh Caesar Salad (Chicken or Pulled Pork)
Featured Item Buffalo Hot Wings
Just a Bite Item Green Bean Fries
Right Bite Item Hot Wings with Fat- Free Ranch
Featured Item Jumbo Polish Dog
Just a Bite Item German Wiener
Right Bite Item Chicken Andouille Sausage
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