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Bite, Groupon Step Up Recycling and Composting Program

Guests at this summer’s Groupon Bite of Seattle will notice an increased effort to eliminate food waste and encourage event-wide recycling, thanks to funding from Groupon. 

As part of an effort to reduce the event’s carbon footprint, producers of the Bite have teamed with Groupon to help educate attendees on the proper disposal of food waste and recycling in a massive way. 

Guests of the Bite are encouraged to look for and use the 10 clearly-marked sorting stations around the grounds to make it easy to separate out food waste and recycling. 

“We continue to strive to divert our food waste from the general garbage stream and increase our recycling each year at the festival,” said Jonathan Quigley, Director of Operations for the Bite of Seattle.  “Partnering with Groupon last year resulted in increased public attention to these goals and we continue to work together towards the ultimate goal of greatly reducing the Festival’s environmental impact.”


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